INSTALL YOUTH - Project Approved!

The project DevelopINg Scientific and digiTAl citizenship skiLLs for disadvantaged YOUTH – INSTALL YOUTH has been approved!



The Covid-19 pandemic has once again proven the fundamental need to enable youth to search for, find and critically analyze information, distinguishing between reliable and unreliable sources, in order to actively respond to societal challenges.
INSTALL YOUTH project intends to respond to the above needs, promoting the exchange of good practices in scientific literacy and digital citizenship education for young people.


Activity 1: Research on non-formal education programs and good practices that promote digital citizenship and scientific literacy

Activity 2:  Blended Mobility (BM) for Educators & Handbook creation\

    • PART A: Blended Mobility
    • PART B: Feedback, Evaluation and Finalisation of the Toolkit

Activity 3: Local INSTALL Challenges for Youth

Activity 4: Online Youth Competition

    • Phase 1 – Competition preparation phase
    • Phase 2 – INSTALL competition


INSTALL is designed to take an inclusive and holistic approach to ensure access for disadvantaged youth, and help cultivate not just knowledge but also the soft skills & core competencies that they need to become active and ethical users of digital technologies, as well as scientifically literate, critically thinking citizens.
At the same time, technological and scientific knowledge progress at a great speed creates substantial challenges for the people working in the education sector. INSTALL aims to make an impact also by supporting educators keep up with the new challenges, and by creating a structure of continuous capacity building & professional, pedagogical development.