Digital Youth Kickstart

Activity 1 - Online Survey

The “Youth Digital Kickstart” project with No. 2022-1-BG01-KA210-YOU-000081205, carried out by the Association “Esthetics”, Bulgaria and Neoanalysis, Greece, is in the process of implementation.

Main goal of the project: identification, transfer and implementation of innovative practices in the field of art by building digitization skills and developing art of a new generation NFT – NON FUNGIBLE TOKEN.

Activity 1 – “Online survey” on the topic “Identification of factors affecting youth employment in Bulgaria and Greece” aimed at identifying the factors that determine unemployment and economic inactivity among young people from both countries was implemented. The main goal was to analyze the possibilities and attitudes of the target group for using the innovations in the digital age and arts, in particular.

The survey was carried out by means of a questionnaire filled in by recruited young people who are part of the project’s target group. For the selection of the participants, a random selection was applied, with the only limiting factors being to fall within the specified age limit and priority for those from the district areas.

The survey cards of the participants with interests, motivation for development and basic skills in the field of digital art were processed in a Report-analysis for the assessment of factors affecting youth employment in Vidin region, Bulgaria and Attiki region, Greece.

We are providing the summary Analysis Report:

in Bulgarian;

in English.

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