"PROmote digital ACTivism through digital tools" (PROACT!) Project Approved!

Neoanalysis is thrilled to announce some fantastic news! Our Erasmus+ KA210 project, “PROmote digital ACTivism through digital tools,” submitted by our esteemed Spanish partner, ECOLUCIÓN: Ecología en Evolución, has successfully secured funding. This project’s overarching goal is to address the digital skills and online activism requirements of young workers and youth. In particular, it aims to promote multiculturalism and nurture respect for diversity within the unique contexts of various countries, with a special focus on enhancing societies that encompass marginalized social groups.


The key project deliverables include an Online Library featuring interviews with marginalized youth, a Digital Activism Campaign developed during Local Labs, and a comprehensive Handbook that presents the project’s outcomes. This Handbook includes non-formal education techniques for digital citizenship education and best practices related to digital activism strategies and tools, with a focus on their potential to empower and activate young individuals.


We are fully prepared and enthusiastic to embark on this exciting Erasmus+ journey. Our goal is to support young people’s active participation in this project and help them cultivate their digital skills. We will be working closely with our valued partners: ECOLUCIÓN: Ecología en Evolución (Spain) and Stichting yEUth (Netherlands).


Stay tuned for more updates as we work to empower and activate youth through this initiative!