Mr. Zilvinas

Mr. Zilvinas, the visionary behind the innovative Lexais application, is revolutionizing the legal system by connecting lawyers with potential clients. Recognizing the importance of effective promotion, Mr. Zilvinas enlisted the expertise of the Department of Informatics at West Attica University (Athens) to enhance and refine the Lexais platform.


To introduce Lexais to stakeholders, an exclusive event was organized, providing a platform to showcase the application and gather invaluable feedback. Additionally, Mr. Zilvinas engaged in both onsite and online meetings with potential investors to secure support for the project’s growth and development.


In a bid to expand Lexais’s reach and impact, Mr. Zilvinas is exploring the possibility of presenting the application as a proposal to the European Commission. This proposal seeks funding for a project aimed at empowering youth workers to assist underprivileged individuals with their legal matters, further cementing Lexais’s position as a pivotal tool for social change.