INSTALL YOUTH - Handbook for NFE

We are glad to announce that the Install Youth Handbook is finally out! This Handbook is the result of the joint efforts of the partner consortium (yEUth, C.R.E.A., and Neoanalysis) and participants of Install Youth Blended Mobility, which took place in Athens, Greece, between the 23rd – 27th of January, 2023.


One of the aims of this handbook is to provide young people and youth organizations with valuable theoretical content about the concepts of Digital Citizenship and Science Literacy. It will represent a fundamental source for youngsters from the participating countries that intend to take part in the upcoming online competition.

Moreover, this Handbook has been designed to be a practical toolkit for youth workers that aim to implement non-formal education methods for Digital Citizenship & Science Literacy, as it collects innovative and engaging activities designed by the project partners.


All the activities are designed to foster valuable interpersonal skills (critical and creative thinking, communication, problem-solving, source validation, digital content creation, etc.) and come with a clear set of instructions that contains all materials needed for their successful implementation and makes them accessible to facilitators.

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