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Institute of Intelligent Systems

Building Excellence Across Frontiers

The Institute of Intelligent Systems  (IIS) promotes knowledge and research in the field of Intelligent Systems by giving researchers and academics a platform to discuss and a network to keep updated. It enhances the transfer of knowledge from academia to the market and helps showcase the work of PhD and Post Doc students. It enables communication and cooperation worldwide between researchers and academics, the industry and the end-user.

Through an interdisciplinary approach, IIS connects Intelligent Systems, advanced computer technologies and various other research topics, which belong to fields like education, pedagogy, health, social welfare, sports, transportation, environment, infrastructure, etc, in order to enable, support and enhance their efficiency and reliability by

  •  connecting various research areas with each other, IIS strives to advance the academic field of Intelligent Systems, improve its adaptability to industry needs and real-life problems.
  •  anticipating and responding to new challenges of the tech-industry, academia and research community through a regrouping within the field and exchange of ideas.
  • promoting high-quality research to set the foundation for progress and development, and by giving room to scientific networking worldwide.

NEOANALYSIS is officially tasked with the further development and administrative management and activity coordination of IIS and constitutes the permanent organizer of its conferences since 2012.


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